What does this country inspire you? Have you ever been to Pakistan?
Apprehensions & fears, no doubt … and now, what about discovering the other profile of Pakistan? As this is the Country of Opportunities & Challenges, no doubt.Being the 4th largest cotton producer in the world with latest machineries for Textile and the advantage of the duty free, Pakistan is the strategic country in terms of price & cotton producer. This country must be a part of your textile buying despite of the challenging environment with the war against terrorism and the difficult geo political context.
Looking for business opportunities with secured supply chain & long term partnership? We can help you to perform & achieve this goal with our expertise and experience.



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Vision, Mission and Values


One that becomes standard for others.


Our mission is to satisfy customers by exceeding their expectations in terms of quality, service and commitment.

By surpassing industry standards, we aim to be recognized as the benchmark to which our competitors aspire.

Ethics and Business Practices

We believe in stimulating and challenging team oriented work environment that encourages, develops and rewards excellence.

We are committed to diligently serving our community and stakeholders while maintaining high standards of moral and ethical values.

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Management's strategies

The Management has adopted concentric diversification policy by adding the products and markets with the aim to achieve strategic fit. The Company is deploying best technology aimed towards innovation, minimization of waste and maximization of quality and customer satisfaction. It is also focused towards implementation of new design of internal controls system and implementation of a robust risk management system for identification and mitigation of business risks. The management is accordingly set a high priority to ensure accurate data processing, effective and efficient communication, streamlined business processes and accumulation of market intelligence. The management is accordingly set a high priority to ensure accurate data processing, effective and efficient communication, streamlined business processes and accumulation of market intelligence.
The Management is putting efforts and developing strategies for environment preservation while adopting all the possible means for environmental protection such as establishing and implementing SOPs for GHG emission reduction, waste water treatment, installation of pollutant traps and suppressing systems to control dust particles, Green Office initiative and Green energy through solar farm.


  • To maintain and improve profitability and global presence while focusing on process innovation and manufacturing adeptness to enable us to stay a market leader for our products.
  • To target competitive position on the cost curve while ensuring to act as stewards of the environment complying with the highest applicable safety standards and making positive economic and social contributions to communities.
  • To meet dynamic needs of technology up-gradation and automation and to counter any obsolescence in technology by persistently investing in modernization and automation in production facilities and systems.
  • To seek and target quality, safety and compliance in culture from design development to customer services and to focus on achievement of customer satisfaction in true passion.
  • To continue to outperform the market through product and market diversification , innovation, value addition, and strategic partnerships with world leading retailers.

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Founder - Haji Abdul Waheed

In any contest what matters is the quality of the runners.

For the field of Audit, Tax and Advisory, we have people with the knowledge, experience and the ability to go into the breadth and deepness of client' issues, Jhang Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd. will continue to raise the level of professional experiences and to be the catalyst for the growth of a vibrant professional accountants' society